About XIOS University College


  • A Centre of eXpertise for Innovation, Industry, education, research and development and Society
  • With 3000 students
  • 5 departments
  • 2 campus sites, in Hasselt and Diepenbeek
  • Situated in Flanders, Belgium
  • Close to Brussels, the decision centre of Europe

Why coming to XIOS?

Because of our

  • Practice-oriented study programmes: you acquire knowledgde and development skills that will be crucial in your future job
  • Competency based education system
  • Student centred and interactive teaching methods, case studies, projects...
  • Good and respectful contact between students and teaching staff
  • International modules and courses taught in English
  • Language courses and cultural integration activities for international students
  • Excellent student services: housing service, free bicycle rent, free public transport in Hasselt and to the campus site in Diepenbeek...

Keep in mind that

  • We expect students to attend all classes
  • Being present doesn't mean you only have to listen to the teacher
  • You'll have to participate actively in class, work on projects, make presentations...

Study load and ECTS credits

  • A full time programme consists of 30 ECTS credits for one semester, 60 ECTS credits for a whole academic year
  • 1 ECTS credit corresponds to 25 to 30 working hours, all included (attending classes, working and studying at home, passing exams...)

Ruben, an IT student fROm spain

"After six months at 'XIOS Hogeschool Limburg', I can say that it is a good place to study! The international module offers the possibility to put into practice all knowledge that I learned at my university in Spain. The subjects are very practical, and therefore interesting to study. It was also very clear that the teachers are responsible people who look after their students very well.


Although Dutch is a difficult language I was able to communicate with my peers. Most of the Belgian people speak and understand English.


Finally I would like to say that staying in Hasselt gives you the possibility to travel. Because of its close proximity to neighbouring countries you don't only get to know Belgium, but also the rest of Europe."

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