Application for a degree programme at XIOS University College

All the degree programmes at XIOS are in Dutch. For degree programmes in Flanders that are taught in English, please consult


If you do not have a Flemish diploma of secondary education, and you want to apply for a regular degree programme at XIOS, you have to go throught the following procedure.


Step 1: You pass a language test or you have the necessary language certificates

You do not have to pass a Dutch language test if:

  • You studied at least one year successfully at a secondary school in the Dutch language, or
  • You succeeded for at least 60 ECTS credits at a higher education institution in the Dutch language, or
  • You have a certificate proving your competence in the Dutch language at level 5 (equivalent with level C1 of the European qualification framework), obtained at a university language center, or
  • You have a certificate of the Dutch Language Union: “Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal” (CnaVT) of the type PTHO (“profiel taalvaardigheid hoger onderwijs”) or PAT (“profiel academische taalvaardigheid”), or
  • You have a certificate proving your knowledge of the Dutch language of an equivalent level, provided by one of the partners of our University Association AUHL (Associatie Universiteit-Hogescholen Limburg).

If you do not fulfill any of these conditions, you have to apply for a language test, before applying for a degree programme at XIOS. These language tests are organised in the period between June and September.

If you do not succeed for the language test, you cannot apply for a degree programme. Moreover, you can only participate once in the same period between June and September.

Participating at the test costs 70€. You have to bring this fee on the day of the test.


Step 2: Necessary documents

If you succeeded for the language test, or you fulfill one of the conditions of STEP 1, you can start the application procedure. You therefore have to bring the following documents:

  • A legitimate copy of your diploma of secondary education; as well as a translation into Dutch, French, German or English, by a sworn translator.
  • A declaration of the embassy (the Belgian embassy in your home country, or the embassy of your home country in Belgium), a university or an official authority from your home country, stating that your diploma gives access in your home country to (equivalent) studies at university level.
  • A certificate that you succeeded the language test, or a certificate proving that you fulfill one the conditions of STEP 1.
  • A copy of your identity card, international passport or proof of registration in the register of foreigners.
  • A valid residence certificate.
  • For candidates from China: an APS-certificate (Akademische Prüfstelle – Certificate valid for studies in Belgium (Flemish Community).
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