Application for exchange students

Students from higher education institutions that have an Erasmus bilateral agreement with XIOS are welcome for a student exchange period at our university college. The application documents consist of:

  • Application form
  • Learning agreement
  • Certificate of English proficiency, signed by the home university (level B1 is required)

The application procedure is online. All the forms must be filled in and uploaded in the  Mobility Online Portal.



Application deadlines

All the forms should be filled in, approved and signed by the home institution and uploaded by:

  • 01/06 for students applying for the 1st semester (Autumn), 1st trimester or a full academic year 
  • 01/11 for students applying for the 2nd semester (Spring), 2nd trimester or 3rd trimester 

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Change learning agreement

You can only change your learning agreement once per semester. So wait until you are sure.


Please take contact with the departmental coordinator to discuss possible changes:  You need the agreement of the departmental coordinator at XIOS/PXL, and the coordinator at your home institution! After changing your learning agreement in mobility online, you print/download the new learning agreement and submit it to the coordinators (signatures).

  • 08/10 1st semester (Autumn)
  • 15/02 2nd semester (Spring)

Guidelines for changing your learning agreement.

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